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Fighting with Viruses

FIGHTING THE VIRUSES While we naturally get worried and anxious about the onslaught by the enemy, it is wiser to strengthen the country’s army to fight back and drive away the enemy (in case of a war). Similarly, although it is natural to get worried and anxious  over contracting the Viruses and other diseases (enemy), it is wiser to strengthen our army (Immunity Power of body). We need to strengthen three armies ie. Land, Sea & Air. Similarly, we need to enhance the Immunity Power of our Personality by strengthening three aspects of our Personality ie. Body, Mind / Intellect and Emotions by taking the following actions: 1. IMMUNITY POWER OF BODY: Right food habits, Physical exercises, Adequate Rest and Sleep 2. IMMUNITY POWER OF MIND & INTELLECT: Peaceful mind, Reduction in number of thoughts (by reducing the number of breathings per minute), Meditation, Positive thinking (and positive attitude), Enhancing the knowledge, Right decisions, Keeping the mind active, Mindf
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How to build customer trust and loyalty?

Customer trust and loyalty are essential for building a successful business. And while this may sound obvious, it’s hard to overstate the value of establishing a solid base of long-term customers. That’s because customer retention is  much  more cost-effective than constant acquisition. In fact, it costs five times more to earn a new customer than it does to keep an existing one 1 . And beyond retention, 83% of customers say they’d recommend a business they trust to others. This means that earning customer trust can not only help you keep your existing customers, but can also help you passively earn new leads and sales through word of mouth 2 . It’s clear, then, that building  customer loyalty  and trust is a worthy goal for any business. That’s why in this post, we’ll go over six strategies you can use to build long-term relationships with each of your customers.   1. Offer Excellent Customer Service The level of customer service you provide has a major impact on customer

"Do we really mean what we say?"

hashtag # varnisofttechnologies -How often do we mean what we say. Today this thought came to my mind-"Do we really mean what we say?" The answer I got was-"not really" We sometimes say, just for the sake of saying. Sometimes words are an outcome of emotional outburst ,be it anger,love or elation.None of it makes sense after the emotion ceases to be. Sometimes we say things because we have to prove our point or contradict the other person in some ensuing argument. We say words in praise or flattery which may sometimes be just the opposite of what we think. We even say words to lie to ourselves. Sometimes we say words to please others or to create a good impression on others. We very often say things regarding commitments which we never intend to fulfill. Actually most of the times we say words, we hardly mean. In this process, hashtag # varnisofttechnologies lose their power. Do you agree?

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and having your own business?

Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and having your own business? Don’t worry about growth, scale or leadership. Work on mindset, discipline and habits first. If you don’t develop the right mindset, discipline and habits, your business will not last long enough for you to talk about growth, scale or leadership. Put the lofty and sexy ideals aside. Work on the basic and boring foundations first. That is what differentiates the entrepreneurs who make it from the ones who don’t.

Why Going Global is a Great Idea!

Why Going Global is a Great Idea! The thing about starting a business in foreign countries in this day and age is that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it was in years past. Yes, there are still foreign regulations, taxes, and policies to navigate but thanks to technology and the free flow of information through the internet, these requirements are now easier to find and understand. Just because you own a small company in the US or the UK does not mean that you have to think locally. You can easily expand and make your company a global brand. Although the challenges exist, the potential rewards far outweigh any impediments that you might come across. Here are a few excellent reasons why you might consider going global: You will diversify your markets and capture new customer bases Going global could easily extend the sales life of your current products. Whatever product you have already established in your home country could very well be the next hot thing in a foreig

Transforming HR Function with Robotic Process Automation

HR is one of the most people-centric business functions and works on attracting, developing and retaining the employees who help the business grow. To optimize the HR processes that extend across different geographies and that must meet with parameters of compliance, recruiting and rules & regulations, high-performing HR departments have been turning to technology. The initial big step was to move from conventional excel sheets to systems that could integrate with HCM suite, ESS portal and mobility. One of the best candidates for robotic process automation (RPA) is HR function which work on well-defined steps and rules regardless of how complicated case it is and need to use well functional systems or processes. Most of the HR work is carried out manually on spreadsheet which makes it the best candidate for automation. Few tasks that can be automated are employee onboarding, manually keying in the potential candidate information from new hire excel reports into different systems